Words Like EARTH

We have put together a list of words that are similar to EARTH.

35 Alternative Words Similar to earth

1 Earth Noun      Synonym Words Like Earth
2 World Noun      Synonym Words Like World
3 Ground Noun      Synonym Words Like Ground
4 Land Noun      Synonym Words Like Land
5 Concern Noun      Synonym Words Like Concern
6 Connecter Noun      Synonym Words Like Connecter
7 Connection Noun      Synonym Words Like Connection
8 Connective Noun      Synonym Words Like Connective
9 Connector Noun      Synonym Words Like Connector
10 Connexion Noun      Synonym Words Like Connexion
11 Element Noun      Synonym Words Like Element
12 Location Noun      Synonym Words Like Location
13 Material Noun      Synonym Words Like Material
14 Object Noun      Synonym Words Like Object
15 Stuff Noun      Synonym Words Like Stuff
16 Hide Verb      Synonym Words Like Hide
17 Region Noun      Synonym Words Like Region
18 Country Noun      Synonym Words Like Country
19 Earthed Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Earthed
20 Bury Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Bury
21 Plowing Noun      Synonym Words Like Plowing
22 Saprolite Noun      Hyponym Words Like Saprolite
23 Diatomite Noun      Hyponym Words Like Diatomite
24 Kieselguhr Noun      Hyponym Words Like Kieselguhr
25 Soil Noun      Hyponym Words Like Soil
26 Moraine Noun      Hyponym Words Like Moraine
27 Wonderland Noun      Hyponym Words Like Wonderland
28 Plain Noun      Hyponym Words Like Plain
29 Timber Noun      Hyponym Words Like Timber
30 Field Noun      Hyponym Words Like Field
31 Mainland Noun      Hyponym Words Like Mainland
32 Floor Noun      Hyponym Words Like Floor
33 Foreland Noun      Hyponym Words Like Foreland
34 Beachfront Noun      Hyponym Words Like Beachfront
35 Oxbow Noun      Hyponym Words Like Oxbow

5 examples of earth

1 loose earth; rich earth.
2 the earth of a fox
3 he dropped the logs on the ground
4 the earth shook for several minutes
5 he sailed around the world

10 definitions of earth

1 The globe or planet which we inhabit; the world, in distinction from the sun, moon, or stars. Also, this world as the dwelling place of mortals, in distinction from the dwelling place of spirits.
2 The solid materials which make up the globe, in distinction from the air or water; the dry land.
3 The softer inorganic matter composing part of the surface of the globe, in distinction from the firm rock; soil of all kinds, including gravel, clay, loam, and the like; sometimes, soil favorable to the growth of plants; the visible surface of the globe; the ground
4 A part of this globe; a region; a country; land.
5 Worldly things, as opposed to spiritual things; the pursuits, interests, and allurements of this life.
6 The people on the globe.
7 Any earthy-looking metallic oxide, as alumina, glucina, zirconia, yttria, and thoria.
8 A similar oxide, having a slight alkaline reaction, as lime, magnesia, strontia, baryta.
9 A hole in the ground, where an animal hides himself.
10 The connection of any part an electric conductor with the ground; specif., the connection of a telegraph line with the ground through a fault or otherwise.
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