Words Like HIDE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to HIDE.

26 Alternative Words Similar to hide

1 Conceal Verb      Synonym Words Like Conceal
2 Shroud Verb      Synonym Words Like Shroud
3 Enshroud Verb      Synonym Words Like Enshroud
4 Cover Verb      Synonym Words Like Cover
5 Alter Verb      Synonym Words Like Alter
6 Change Verb      Synonym Words Like Change
7 Enclose Verb      Synonym Words Like Enclose
8 Enfold Verb      Synonym Words Like Enfold
9 Envelop Verb      Synonym Words Like Envelop
10 Enwrap Verb      Synonym Words Like Enwrap
11 Modify Verb      Synonym Words Like Modify
12 Wrap Verb      Synonym Words Like Wrap
13 Show Verb      Antonym Words Like Show
14 Hiding Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Hiding
15 Secrete Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Secrete
16 Earth Verb      Hyponym Words Like Earth
17 Stowaway Verb      Hyponym
18 Harbor Verb      Hyponym Words Like Harbor
19 Bosom Verb      Hyponym Words Like Bosom
20 Harbour Verb      Hyponym Words Like Harbour
21 Block Verb      Hyponym Words Like Block
22 Bury Verb      Hyponym Words Like Bury
23 Mystify Verb      Hyponym Words Like Mystify
24 Rawhide Noun      Hyponym
25 Cowhide Noun      Hyponym
26 Goatskin Noun      Hyponym

3 examples of hide

1 She is hiding out in a cabin in Montana
2 hide the money
3 a veiled threat

10 definitions of hide

1 To conceal, or withdraw from sight; to put out of view; to secrete.
2 To withhold from knowledge; to keep secret; to refrain from avowing or confessing.
3 To remove from danger; to shelter.
4 To lie concealed; to keep one's self out of view; to be withdrawn from sight or observation.
5 An abode or dwelling.
6 A measure of land, common in Domesday Book and old English charters, the quantity of which is not well ascertained, but has been differently estimated at 80, 100, and 120 acres.
7 The skin of an animal, either raw or dressed; -- generally applied to the undressed skins of the larger domestic animals, as oxen, horses, etc.
8 The human skin; -- so called in contempt.
9 To flog; to whip.
10 body covering of a living animal
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