Words Like FACT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FACT.

20 Alternative Words Similar to fact

1 Concept Noun      Synonym Words Like Concept
2 Conception Noun      Synonym Words Like Conception
3 Construct Noun      Synonym Words Like Construct
4 Info Noun      Synonym Words Like Info
5 Information Noun      Synonym Words Like Information
6 Act Noun      Synonym Words Like Act
7 Event Noun      Synonym Words Like Event
8 Detail Noun      Hyponym Words Like Detail
9 Observation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Observation
10 Reason Noun      Hyponym Words Like Reason
11 Score Noun      Hyponym Words Like Score
12 Particular Noun      Hyponym Words Like Particular
13 Point Noun      Hyponym Words Like Point
14 Item Noun      Hyponym Words Like Item
15 Case Noun      Hyponym Words Like Case
16 Indicator Noun      Hyponym Words Like Indicator
17 Record Noun      Hyponym Words Like Record
18 Index Noun      Hyponym Words Like Index
19 Indicant Noun      Hyponym Words Like Indicant
20 Book Noun      Hyponym Words Like Book

3 examples of fact

1 he, in fact, excelled all the rest; the fact is, he was beaten.
2 history abounds with false facts
3 how much of the story is fact and how much fiction is hard to tell

10 definitions of fact

1 A doing, making, or preparing.
2 An effect produced or achieved; anything done or that comes to pass; an act; an event; a circumstance.
3 Reality; actuality; truth
4 The assertion or statement of a thing done or existing; sometimes, even when false, improperly put, by a transfer of meaning, for the thing done, or supposed to be done; a thing supposed or asserted to be done.
5 a concept whose truth can be proved
6 a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred
7 an event known to have happened or something known to have existed
8 a statement or assertion of verified information about something that is the case or has happened
9 Knowledge or information based on real occurrences: an account based on fact; a blur of fact and fancy.
10 Something demonstrated to exist or known to have existed: Genetic engineering is now a fact. That Chaucer was a real person is an undisputed fact.
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