Words Like RECORD

We have put together a list of words that are similar to RECORD.

83 Alternative Words Similar to record

1 Disk Noun      Synonym Words Like Disk
2 Disc Noun      Synonym Words Like Disc
3 Platter Noun      Synonym Words Like Platter
4 Book Noun      Synonym Words Like Book
6 Achievement Noun      Synonym Words Like Achievement
7 Attainment Noun      Synonym Words Like Attainment
8 Document Noun      Synonym Words Like Document
9 Evidence Noun      Synonym Words Like Evidence
10 Fact Noun      Synonym Words Like Fact
11 List Noun      Synonym Words Like List
12 Listing Noun      Synonym Words Like Listing
13 Number Noun      Synonym Words Like Number
14 Record Verb      Synonym Words Like Record
15 Enter Verb      Synonym Words Like Enter
16 Tape Verb      Synonym Words Like Tape
17 Read Verb      Synonym Words Like Read
18 Register Verb      Synonym Words Like Register
19 Show Verb      Synonym Words Like Show
20 Commemorate Verb      Synonym Words Like Commemorate
21 Memorialize Verb      Synonym Words Like Memorialize
22 Memorialise Verb      Synonym Words Like Memorialise
23 Immortalize Verb      Synonym Words Like Immortalize
24 Immortalise Verb      Synonym Words Like Immortalise
25 Indicate Verb      Synonym Words Like Indicate
26 Preserve Verb      Synonym Words Like Preserve
27 Remind Verb      Synonym Words Like Remind
28 Save Verb      Synonym Words Like Save
29 Erase Verb      Antonym Words Like Erase
30 Recorded Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Recorded
31 Recording Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Recording
32 Recollect Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Recollect
33 Remember Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Remember
34 Meditate Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Meditate
35 Repeat Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Repeat
36 Recite Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Recite
37 Enroll Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Enroll
38 Reflect Verb-intransitive      Synonym Words Like Reflect
39 Ponder Verb-intransitive      Synonym Words Like Ponder
40 Testimony Noun      Synonym Words Like Testimony
41 Witness Noun      Synonym Words Like Witness
42 Attestation Noun      Synonym Words Like Attestation
43 Monument Noun      Synonym Words Like Monument
44 Monumentalise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Monumentalise
45 Monumentalize Verb      Hyponym Words Like Monumentalize
46 Strike Verb      Hyponym Words Like Strike
47 Say Verb      Hyponym Words Like Say
48 Logbook Noun      Hyponym Words Like Logbook
49 Card Noun      Hyponym Words Like Card
50 Write Verb      Hyponym Words Like Write
51 Prerecord Verb      Hyponym Words Like Prerecord
52 Cut Verb      Hyponym Words Like Cut
53 Stub Noun      Hyponym Words Like Stub
54 History Noun      Hyponym Words Like History
55 Story Noun      Hyponym Words Like Story
56 Memorabilia Noun      Hyponym Words Like Memorabilia
57 File Noun      Hyponym Words Like File
58 Account Noun      Hyponym Words Like Account
59 Chronicle Noun      Hyponym Words Like Chronicle
60 Lp Noun      Hyponym Words Like Lp
61 Photograph Verb      Hyponym Words Like Photograph
62 Snap Verb      Hyponym Words Like Snap
63 Maintain Verb      Hyponym Words Like Maintain
64 Manifest Verb      Hyponym Words Like Manifest
65 Score Verb      Hyponym Words Like Score
66 Notch Verb      Hyponym Words Like Notch
67 Tally Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tally
68 Inscribe Verb      Hyponym Words Like Inscribe
69 Punchin Verb      Hyponym
70 Film Verb      Hyponym Words Like Film
71 Post Verb      Hyponym Words Like Post
72 Mark Verb      Hyponym Words Like Mark
73 Log Verb      Hyponym Words Like Log
74 Shoot Verb      Hyponym Words Like Shoot
75 Take Verb      Hyponym Words Like Take
76 Accession Verb      Hyponym Words Like Accession
77 Keep Verb      Hyponym Words Like Keep
78 Checkbook Noun      Hyponym Words Like Checkbook
79 Chequebook Noun      Hyponym Words Like Chequebook
80 Payslip Noun      Hyponym Words Like Payslip
81 Leger Noun      Hyponym Words Like Leger
82 Passbook Noun      Hyponym Words Like Passbook
83 Ledger Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ledger

10 examples of record

1 to record the proceedings of a court; to record historical events.
2 a record of the acts of the Hebrew kings; a record of the variations of temperature during a certain time; a family record
3 a record of city ordinances; the records of the receiver of taxes
4 it is not permissible to allege facts not in the record
5 a politician with a good or a bad record
6 We memorialized the Dead
7 The gauge read `empty'
8 the prostitute had a record a mile long
9 his name is in all the record books
10 coffee production last year broke all previous records

10 definitions of record

1 To recall to mind; to recollect; to remember; to meditate.
2 To repeat; to recite; to sing or play.
3 To preserve the memory of, by committing to writing, to printing, to inscription, or the like; to make note of; to write or enter in a book or on parchment, for the purpose of preserving authentic evidence of; to register; to enroll
4 To reflect; to ponder.
5 To sing or repeat a tune.
6 A writing by which some act or event, or a number of acts or events, is recorded; a register.
7 An official contemporaneous writing by which the acts of some public body, or public officer, are recorded.
8 An authentic official copy of a document which has been entered in a book, or deposited in the keeping of some officer designated by law.
9 An official contemporaneous memorandum stating the proceedings of a court of justice; a judicial record.
10 The various legal papers used in a case, together with memoranda of the proceedings of the court.
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