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8 Alternative Words Similar to jacquard

1 Jacquard Noun      Synonym Words Like Jacquard
2 Artificer Noun      Synonym Words Like Artificer
3 Cloth Noun      Synonym Words Like Cloth
4 Discoverer Noun      Synonym Words Like Discoverer
5 Fabric Noun      Synonym Words Like Fabric
6 Inventor Noun      Synonym Words Like Inventor
7 Material Noun      Synonym Words Like Material
8 Textile Noun      Synonym Words Like Textile

10 definitions of jacquard

1 Pertaining to, or invented by, Jacquard, a French mechanician, who died in 1834.
2 a highly figured fabric woven on a Jacquard loom
3 French inventor of the Jacquard loom that could automatically weave complicated patterns (1752-1834)
4 a loom with an attachment for forming openings for the passage of the shuttle between the warp threads; used in weaving figured fabrics
5 A fabric with an intricately woven pattern.
6 A special loom or the method employed in the weaving of a figured fabric.
7 An abbreviation of Jacquard loom or Jacquard attachment (which see, under loom).
8 Fabric woven on a jacquard loom.
9 Fabric resembling a jacquard, but woven by a different process.
10 A jacquard loom.
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