We have put together a list of words that are similar to LANGUISHING.

8 Alternative Words Similar to languishing

1 Waste Verb      Synonym Words Like Waste
2 Ache Verb      Synonym Words Like Ache
3 Fade Verb      Synonym Words Like Fade
4 Devolve Verb      Synonym Words Like Devolve
5 Drop Verb      Synonym Words Like Drop
6 Weaken Verb      Synonym Words Like Weaken
7 Pining Adjective      Synonym Words Like Pining
8 Lingering Adjective      Synonym Words Like Lingering

1 examples of languishing

1 languishing eyes, or look

7 definitions of languishing

1 Becoming languid and weak; pining; losing health and strength.
2 Amorously pensive; indicating melancholy.
3 Suffering neglect; neglected.
4 Continuing in a weak or deteriorating state; lingering.
5 Expressive of languor; indicating tender, sentimental emotion: as, a languishing look or sigh.
6 lacking of vigor or spirit.
7 Present participle of languish.
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