We have put together a list of words that are similar to MAINTAIN.

30 Alternative Words Similar to maintain

1 Keep Verb      Synonym Words Like Keep
2 Hold Verb      Synonym Words Like Hold
3 Preserve Verb      Synonym Words Like Preserve
4 Sustain Verb      Synonym Words Like Sustain
5 Assert Verb      Synonym Words Like Assert
6 Asseverate Verb      Synonym Words Like Asseverate
7 Exert Verb      Synonym Words Like Exert
8 Defend Verb      Synonym Words Like Defend
9 Observe Verb      Synonym Words Like Observe
10 Affirm Verb      Synonym Words Like Affirm
11 Confirm Verb      Synonym Words Like Confirm
12 Enter Verb      Synonym Words Like Enter
13 Have Verb      Synonym Words Like Have
14 Insist Verb      Synonym Words Like Insist
15 Reassert Verb      Synonym Words Like Reassert
16 Record Verb      Synonym Words Like Record
17 Maintaining Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Maintaining
18 Support Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Support
19 Continue Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Continue
20 Embalm Verb      Hyponym
21 Plastinate Verb      Hyponym
22 Aver Verb      Hyponym Words Like Aver
23 Allege Verb      Hyponym Words Like Allege
24 Proclaim Verb      Hyponym Words Like Proclaim
25 Say Verb      Hyponym Words Like Say
26 Patronage Verb      Hyponym Words Like Patronage
27 Reseed Verb      Hyponym
28 Carry Verb      Hyponym Words Like Carry
29 Housekeep Verb      Hyponym
30 Distance Verb      Hyponym Words Like Distance

10 examples of maintain

1 to maintain a certain degree of heat in a furnace; to maintain a fence or a railroad; to maintain the digestive process or powers of the stomach; to maintain the fertility of soil; to maintain present reputation.
2 I cannot keep track of all my employees
3 keep count
4 maintain a record
5 keep notes
6 children must be taught to conserve our national heritage
7 The museum curator conserved the ancient manuscripts
8 The old lady could not keep up the building
9 She keeps an apartment in Paris for her shopping trips
10 The money will sustain our good cause

10 definitions of maintain

1 To hold or keep in any particular state or condition; to support; to sustain; to uphold; to keep up; not to suffer to fail or decline
2 To keep possession of; to hold and defend; not to surrender or relinquish.
3 To continue; not to suffer to cease or fail.
4 To bear the expense of; to support; to keep up; to supply with what is needed.
5 To affirm; to support or defend by argument.
6 stick to correctly or closely
7 have and exercise
8 support against an opponent
9 maintain by writing regular records
10 keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction
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